• double convex lens

    double convex lens

    Bi-Convex Lenses are the best choice where the object and image are at equal or near equal distance from the lens. When the object and image distance are equal (1:1 magnification), not only is spherical aberration minimized, but also coma, distortion, and chromatic aberration are identically canceled due to the symmetry.
  • plano-convex lens

    plano-convex lens

    Plano-Convex Lenses are ideal for light collimation or for focusing applications, in a winde range of industries including industrial, pharmaceutical, robotics and other fileds.
  • windows and diffusers

    windows and diffusers

    Windows are optical glass with ground and polished faces that are relatively parallel.  They are used to isolate two physical environments while allowing light to pass, it also can be a protection of original when it's in two physical environments. And there is almost no effect on visible light, to coat on the surface of windows could increase the transmittance, the commonly used coatings are antireflection coating (AR) and scratch-resistant coating(AS).Windows with coating can enhance the light penetration strength, and own function of waterproof ,dustproof, and scratch-proof.